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New Tara


New Tara

New Tara was founded to serve people interested in Celtic and Celtic-inspired Spirituality. We provide an inter-Traditional and inter-denominational environment opened to anyone who is drawn toward the Celtic spiritual and religious life, be it Pagan, Reconstructionist, Traditionalist, Christian, Christo-pagan, Druidic, Wiccan, or any other form of Celtic or Celtic-inspired spirituality.

We invite you to learn about, and celebrate the similarities and differences of the various Celtic spiritual paths by participating in lectures, discussion groups, workshops, retreats, and private consultations. Given the amount of misinformation regarding the various aspects of Celtic history, spirituality, and culture prevalent in popular thought, we will promote a conservative view of the material, while supporting diversity of practice and emphasising the joyful expression of the Mysteries.

In time, we hope New Tara will become a hub for the diverse membership of the Celtic Spirituality movement in the Toronto area.

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Current Staff:

  • Brian Walsh: Director, Speaker, Facilitator, and Spiritual Consultant.
  • (I hope to add others in time and/or on a project by project basis.)


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